Pricing Guide

Below is an approximate pricing guide.  We charge by the square inch and you will be charged for the actual square inches of your quilt top – for example, width x length x .02 cents.  Designs are priced according to intricacies and density with a minimum quilting charge of $35.00.

Longarm Quilt Pricing Guide

Baby36" x 54"1944$38.88$48.60$58.32
Crib45" x 60"2,700$54.00$67.50$81.00
Throw45" x 72"3,888$77.76$97.20$116.64
Twin54" x 90"4,860$97.20$121.50$145.80
Full81" x 96"7,776$155.52$194.40$233.28
Queen90" x 108"9,720$194.40$243.00$291.60
King120"x 120"14,400$288.00$360.00$432.00

T-Shirt Quilt Pricing Guide

QuiltSize# of T-ShirtsBasicSashedCustom
Lap45" x 45""9$120.00$150.00$190.00
Picnic45” x 60”12$150.00$190.00$225.00
Stadium60” x 60”16$170.00$220.00$260.00
Couch60” x 75”20$195.00$270.00$300.00
Twin60” x 90”24$225.00$300.00$350.00
Full90” x 90”36$325.00$400.00$460.00
Queen90” x 105”42$360.00$490.00$565.00
King105” x 105”49$410.00$565.00$650.00

Additional charges include:

  • Thread charge of $3.50 per color.
  • Batting charge is $8/yard if provided by Just In Time Quilts.
  • Machine binding charge if prepared by Just In Time Quilts is $2.35 per linear foot.
  • Custom quilting as requested.
  • Fees subject to change

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