Colorado Quilts Shops and Disneyland

October 26th, 2017 Posted by Business, Design, Uncategorized 1 thought on “Colorado Quilts Shops and Disneyland”

I love to visit new quilt shops here in Colorado. Walking into them always reminds me of walking up Main Street at Disneyland – the thrill of sweet expectations is the same for me – and hey, Disneyland and I are the same age, I grew up in Southern California  and I’ve been to D-land approximately 50 times in my life!

Each quilt store has its own personality and charm. One day several months ago when we first moved to Arvada, CO, my sister and I visited the Golden Quilt Company in Golden. It was a toe tingling experience – Sooooo much vibrant color spilling all over the walls onto the bolts of fabric. I was in Kaffe Fassett heaven! It just made me happy to be there and I had to “touch” everything!

After leaving Golden we drove to Harriet’s Treadle Arts shop in Wheatridge, CO. What a contrast in style! Harriet’s fabrics were traditional and much more muted than what I found in Golden but ooooh, so wonderful, warm and, well, simply charming. Harriet Hargrave has since closed her store and moved to Missouri but I visited her store once or twice a week as she went through the closing process and bought a single yard of many fabrics “just in case” I might need them later.

We have an abundance of GREAT quilt shops in the Denver area and each time I go into one I try to discover the shop’s personality. It’s often easy to see and sometimes easy to feel. Try it for yourself. I can’t guarantee you’ll have a Disneyland experience but you might!!

Let me know your favorite quilt shops to visit and who knows, I just might see you there!

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1 thought on “Colorado Quilts Shops and Disneyland”

  1. Ray Wachsmann says:

    WHAT? Treadle Arts closed? Missouri??? Hmmm… where have I been…?

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