I Love Learning New Quilting Techniques!!

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Several months ago I took a class at Jukebox Quilts in Fort Collins, CO. Kelly Gallagher-Abbott, the owner, had invited Sharon Perry of New Zealand, the owner and designer for House of Creations to teach a class on her many fabulous Point-to-Point (P2P) designs. It was a three day class and unfortunately I could only attend the first day but WHAT FUN! Sharon is an exciting, eclectic, colorful woman with the greatest NZ accent. She was a delight to listen to and learn from and I found myself lamenting that I only had one day of her!

One of the many beautiful quilts she showed us was a chevron quilt made up of lovely spring colors. I studied that quilt while at the class and determined to come home and make it, only in Christmas fabrics! – I mean, who wouldn’t!?  Back in my studio I went through all my scraps to find Christmas colors and quickly found that I needed to purchase more fabric – which was kind of fun in July, I’m always in the mood for Christmas and no one at the quilt stores thought it was even a little bit odd that I was humming carols as I shopped!

Over the next couple of weeks when I could find time in between quilting for my clients I put together the quilt top and started to pick out patterns from Sharon’s online site. She had used 24 different patterns on her spring chevron quilt but to pare down the cost I created a couple of my own and used a few P2P designs I already owned but then did purchase about 8 or so of Sharon’s… and I love them!!

On my website you will read about my cake philosophy – you bring me your “cake” or quilt and I will “frost” it with stitching to make it look even better. Well, my chevron quilt top was an OK cake, not my very best work because of time constraints, but still OK. However, once I started doing the P2P stitching with Sharon’s (and others’) wonderful designs I WAS IN HEAVEN! It was so fun to see the fabric POP! I used two layers of 80/20 batting which gave the quilt extra texture depth. Really, I could not walk away while the machine was quilting, it was just so fun to watch!

I learned a lot doing this quilt – there are plenty of boo-boos but they are not so noticeable because of the great stitch patterns and the movement the chevron pattern creates. Sharon suggested this quilt alternate between a patterned row and a solid row. I definitely agree with that, the solid row is where the stitching really shows. There are a couple of photos on my website, but here are a few more.


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