Just in Time Quilts for Kids

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Our family has been blessed with beautiful and healthy children and grandchildren. Not all of our grandchildren have come easily but we wouldn’t trade the heartache and challenges for anything because it has exponentially increased our gratitude for the family we have been blessed with. Whether our family continues to grow naturally, through fertility treatments, foster care or adoption, we welcome every sweet child with open and willing arms.

Three of our six children have struggled with fertility and through their journey it has become clear to us that so many children are in need of comfort, a loving home, and someone to believe in them.  As a family we got together and dedicated our family service project to offering a little bit of comfort to children in our local community.  When a child is removed from their home because of abuse, neglect, or a lack of necessary resources, they are often removed by social services and the police.  This is a very scary experience at a fragile time in their lives.  They are given two trash bags to place whatever belongings they can find at the time and are taken to foster families who have committed to offering the child some hope.  We determined that no child should feel like their belongings are trash and when they need a hug the most we want to give it to them.

Each of our grandchildren picked a super soft and comfy fabric that we turned into large cuddle blankets for kids in need.  We partnered with several local charities to make sure these blankets went to those who would love them and who need them the most.   Integrated Family Community Services will distribute these blankets to social workers, police, and families just getting back on their feet.  We know we can’t reach every child in need, but we hope those we can will grow and make an impact on those around them.  We encourage each of you to do all you can to help within your community.  Please share your experiences and let’s work together to spread hope, love, and joy to those who need us most.

If you are interested in donating to children in foster care or homeless shelters please visit any of these organizations we have found in our own search:

Together We Rise

Integrated Family Community Services

Stand Up for Kids



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