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Longarm Quilting

We use a longarm sewing machine to sew together the three layers of a quilt – the quilt top, batting, and backing.  Send us the quilt top, along with the backing material – sewn and cut to size – and the batting of your choice.   We offer several different batting types on our website and you can order it from us as well.

T-Shirt Quilting

You send us a box of t-shirts and we will return a beautifully completed quilt. All finished quilts include design setup, fusible interfacing, stitching, border, quilted pattern of your choice, and binding.

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Hello. I’m Dixie. My husband, Mike, and I are owners of Just In Time Quilts. We live in Arvada, Colorado. We love Colorado and love quilting! I have been a quilter for 30 years. When I first started it was a form of therapy for me. With six small children it was important to me to be involved in something that didn’t need to be changed, dressed, fed, folded or ironed! I found sitting down in the evening for a few minutes to “create” lifted my spirits and added real value to my life. Quilts to me are like warm chocolate chip cookies on a winter day – a source of comfort and pleasure.

Please take a minute to look through our web page and see what quilting services we offer. I would love to hear from you. If you have any comments or questions, please use our contact us page to send us a note.

Please take a minute to look at what we offer and feel free to contact us directly using the form below or by calling 303.877.9840.


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